Things you always wanted to say but were afraid

Is it 1950??????????

Proverbs 18:2  English Standard Version (ESV)

 A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.

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Reading an article from the Associated Press by Steve Peoples, I once again got the opportunity to practice my Christian beliefs by forgiving Rick Santorum for his belief that women are inferior to men.  I thought we had already fought that battle for equality.  Better vote this year women, that may be the next thing on the list to get rid of.  In the article he referred to some women (I’m not sure which ones) as “radical feminists” and accused these “radical feminists” of  undermining traditional family values by “convincing women that professional accomplishments are the key to happiness.”  Once again, the implication that women cannot think for themselves and are too weak to resist influences that disagree with their own desires.  If you want to be a “traditional” (and I’m not sure what that is) woman, then do so no matter the influences.  If you want to be a “career” (and I’m not sure what that is either) woman, then do so no matter the influences.  If you want to be a “combination of both” (and I’m pretty sure that accounts for the majority of women now) then do so no matter the influences.  To insinuate that we are unable to make that decision without being led to think what someone else would have us to think is to say women are not very smart.  Once again, the implication is that only men can make intelligent decisions, and I have found that to just not be true in my adult lifetime.  Women and men have their differences to be sure, but don’t all people have differences.  Don’t all of us know smart men and women, funny men and women, athletic men and women, bigoted men and women, mean men and women, stupid men and women, and insensitive men and women.  It’s just people stupid!!!  How can a person in this day and age not know that?  Sometimes I feel that we are going backward. Will the next push be to take away the vote????Image Detail

Image DetailPEACE.  Where are all the babyboomers that fought for equality?  Speak loudly.

Just to change it up a little,  He (Santorum)  told a Christian blog last year that as president he would warn the nation about “the dangers of contraception” and the permissive culture spit encourages.  I’m pretty sure that “spit” is a typo, but at least it’s a funny typo.  Spit probably does encourage a permissive culture.  I’m sure there are a number of jokes there, but I’ll leave them to you.  What I was leading up to was the remark made by his billionaire contributor, Foster Friess. (Is that fries with an s?)  Mr. Friess said in his day that an aspirin was used for birth control by placing it between the girls’ knees.  Of course, if your my age, you got the joke – keep your knees tightly together and no out of control (Notice who can be very easily influenced?) man will get where they shouldn’t be, but the young people today had no idea what he meant.  It became, “Well, how did that help?  Did the aspirin melt and go into the knees or what?  Anyway, ain’t generation gaps a bitch? He could just as easily said, in his day a towel would work.  (the infamous pull out method from which we all know several children)  There are many.  I’ll once again leave them to you.  As for me, my days of worrying personally about such things are over thank God.  So girls, if Santorum gets his way you’ll just have to use the aspirin or other well tried but not so effective methods until you get my age.

Many women believe that jumping up and down after sex will dislodge sperm.

I digress.  I forgive you Rick, but I don’t need you to tell me what to think.


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2 thoughts on “Is it 1950??????????

  1. Well said!!

    Sadly, I keep telling myself “they CAN’T be serious” whenever I hear or read statements that come out during election season. Too many times I’ve seen their faces, and they are absolutely convinced that what they’re saying is “the truth.” That goes for every political group, unfortunately. And also I will never forget a conversation I had back n the 80’s with a deceased co=worker from North Carolina, who declared this country started going to hell when they gave women and blacks the right to vote. He meant every word of it. I’m sure he’s in the minority in his thinking but that particular minority is making the loudest noise right now, IMHO

    • It is fairy tale land here where I live. I honestly saw, just this mornining, a posted picture of a neighbor with a gun and a reply to the photo that said, “Run N…. Run.” The only difference was that they actually said the word. You’d think after a lifetime I would cease to be horrified, but I’m not and refuse to cease.

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