Things you always wanted to say but were afraid

A rainy day

In my last post, I removed all ways to share the post on my Facebook and other things.  I wonder why I did that?  I did not want family to know how I was anticipating the end of a relationship, especially our children.  They tend to fuss and bother when they realize something is wrong, and that is the last thing that the Mr. wants.  He doesn’t want anyone to think that he can’t do things he previously could.  For all you young women out there; if you think testosterone is difficult to deal with when men are young, wait until you deal with it when they are old.  I thought men lost testosterone as they aged, but I guess their brain remembers and continues reacting in the ways it did when there was plenty of it.  Anyway, I didn’t want to alarm the kids I guess.  But, then I realized that is stupid because they can all access the blog.  Duh!  I guess the decision is do I want a diary or a blog.  A blog it is.

Today, the Mr. and I spent a cold and rainy day indoors of course.  I cooked a pot of beans and a blueberry cobbler.  The Mr. loves that kind of food and makes you feel like you are really a good cook.  He appreciates food.  I guess that depression era stuff coming out.  He watched two John Wayne movies, and now is enthralled in the Rifleman even though he could probably do the dialogue.  I am watching college basketball in the other room.

I have 30 tomato plants in cups in the house under lights.  Now really, what am I going to do with 30 tomato plants?  I’m not a hot sauce factory.  I just like to start the plants;  I don’t care much about them after they go into the garden.  I watered the plants and fed the grandkids’ pony.  The pony feeding is one of the Mr.’s chores, but I still have him on restriction since he got down in the yard a few days ago.

He got down, said his legs just gave out, and had to scoot on his back to the back door and holler for me.  I finally got him into the house flat on his back on the floor and gave him a heating pad and muscle relaxer.  He absolutely refused an ambulance and insisted he would be fine after he “rested” a little while.  He finally got up into a chair after much help from me and pronounced, “I’m hungry.”  He proceeded to go to the kitchen and eat lunch, but ever since that day I’ve had him “grounded.”  He is supposed to be using a walker, but I see him cheating. (Leaving the walker and coming back to it later when I come check)  He is definitely better, so I will have to give up the restrictions next week.  I did let him wash the dishes.  I figured if he needs to get his strength back slowly what better way!!

Although I bitch about it (just because I am afraid of loosing him – and I don’t mean as in lost) I am really glad that he is determined to continue to live.  He always tells me the famous lines from Lonesome Dove that Robert Duvall says, “Hell, it’s not dying I’m thinking about, it’s living.”  We should all take a hint.  Live it everyday.  It doesn’t last forever.


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2 thoughts on “A rainy day

  1. brainvomit40 on said:

    I admire his spunk! And he sounds lucky to have you to take care of him. 🙂

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