Things you always wanted to say but were afraid

Did we use to beat up coaches or did I just miss all the fun??

Michigan City basketball parent Shelley Miller — Michigan City Police

Ind. basketball dad knocks coach unconscious because he forced daughter to run laps

Two stories in two days about coaches getting whipped up on by their kids’ parent or another coach.  I coached for many years, and even though I made people mad (one time my very close friend), they never threatened to beat me up, and they certainly never attached me.  One parent in particular (a mom) returned after a late night practice and screamed and cussed for about 20 minutes before I finally told her to go F herself.  Boy, she turned on her heel and out the front door she went, jumped in her pick up truck(yes pick up truck) and threw gravel all over the place (popularly called spinning out).  I went and tried to call my superintendent;  phone was busy;  she had beat me to it;  she was the school board president’s wife.  I called the principal tha told him he might want to find a replacement, and that I was pretty sure I had just given cause to be fired.  He told me to stay home the next day, he would take care of it.  He did.  Nothing ever came of it.  Evidently she acted that way with everyone so nobody cared what I said to her except me.  I felt bad for cussing.  I went to apologize to her at her house, and she very nearly didn’t let me in for fear I was going to beat her up.  It was all good after that.  In fact, she kept sitting by me at games, and I almost couldn’t get rid of her and her husband.  Well, everything is temporary in this life.

But, back to the violence.  It wasn’t too long ago a parent went into the field house and shot a coach.  He recovered, but others have not.  I don’t get it.  If they want to coach, they are free to travel the road we coaches did and become one.  The one that includes people leaving their children after games until late in the night before picking them up because they expect a babysitter and forget that coaches have families too.  The one that include holiday tournaments – oh joy.  The one that includes antacids, perpetual hoarseness and pay of .05 (cents) and hour by the time you count all the practices and games after school hours.  All that because we love kids and want to teach them all about the game, not just the game, but how to win and how to lose.  How to come back when all looks futile and how to be gracious when we inflict that kind of pain on others.  How to get along in the world.  How to teach by guiding, not just by lecture.  Most good coaches make good teachers for that reason.

I really do think it is time to remove sports from public schools and move it to the club sector.  Let people pay for their kids to play.  After all, it’s not a right; it’s a privilege.  I think it works that way in Europe.  Lets do it America.  Club ball instead of school sponsored sports.  Think of the money we could save.  No more stadiums, locker rooms, baseball diamonds to spend our public school money on.  All academics in school.  What a thought.  School for academics, not for cheerleaders and jocks.

But then I see things like this.


Oh yeah, in the NCAA basketball tournament, the ball was obviously knocked out of bounds by one team, and the refs gave it to the other team.  I just kept waiting for the commercial where the boy admits, in a championship game, that he touched it last and goes and tells the ref.  Oh well, that’s just a commerical.

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