Things you always wanted to say but were afraid

Mitt, Newt, Rick……….

It really bothers me to hear people disrespect the President by calling him Obama.  You should not call your teacher Jones or Smith or whatever.  You should not call your mother’s friends by their last name, “Hey, McCoy, can little Johnny come over to play.”  It just sounds slightly irreverent and mean.  Even if you  can’t refer to him as President Obama, then call him Mr. Obama.  Please, people let’s get back in the game with some sort of decorum.

And how about those names for the Republican candidates.  I am enjoying their names before the election.  Mitt, Newt, Rick…sounds like a frat house.  Short, easy to spell to fit the brain size, and cutesy for their momma to embarrass them with.

Just think of some of the nicknames from the past and present.  I know there are many more.

Buzz, Scooter, Butch, Buster, Skeeter, Goober, Mick, Mitt, Rick, Newt,  Corkey, Whitey, Slim, Chub.  See how they just fit right in with the tennis club?

I guess we must of been the lower class since we called my brother Bozo!!

The Mr. was very sick today.  I hope tomorrow is better.  He is a perfect example of nicknames gone crazy.  Named, what he though was Sidney McCoy Jr. at birth, for some reason when the doctor registered his birth at the courthouse he put on the birth certificate – Sid McCoy Jr.  Now there can be no Sid McCoy Jr. because there is no Sid McCoy Sr.  His dad is Ruben Sidney.  Anyway the Jr. stuck and to this day we use Sid for most things, but Sidney Jr. for income tax.  Then when he was a baby he earned the nickname of Chub (I know why this happened.) and then the nickname Chief.  He liked that one.  When he was playing baseball, they began to call him Rod and that stuck as well, so depending on who you are talking to you could call him one of several names.

He is weakening daily, and he hates that, and as a matter of fact so do I.  It’s hard to watch.  He’s sleeping next to me now and snoring away so I assume he’s resting comfortably.


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One thought on “Mitt, Newt, Rick……….

  1. I was raised to say Mr. & Mrs. & such, but fell to the habit the media infected us with by calling presidents by their last name only. It was you who brought it to my attention that I even did that! Being of the self-conscious sort, your noticing that I didn’t precede Obama with Mr. or President made me mindful of ever doing it again. I have the utmost respect for President Obama and the office in which he resides. Respect is something our country is lacking right now, anyway, in my opinion. It seems that many don’t respect each other’s religious beliefs, political choices, marital partners, or choices about what one does with her own body. I believe in freedom of all of the above and freedom of speech as well, but as a coworker says, let’s remember that “Trashy people have trashy mouths.”

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