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If you’ve been getting a government paycheck – look out??

Well, maybe not.  Paul Ryan has been drawing that good government paycheck and insurance since he was 28 years old.  This is his seventh term in congress.  He voted for all the problems that Bush brought us.  So great, now let’s get him one heartbeat away from the Presidency.  I don’t think so.  I’m sure he doesn’t mind getting rid of Medicare.  Since he’s been in Congress that long, I’m sure his next egg is quite substantial.  It’s one thing to draw the salary and benefits and want to help others with government as well, but to draw the money and benefits and payolla and then say you want smaller government.  Smaller for who?  Everyone but you.

It absolutely reminds me of the way Germany began to stopped taking care of its people and allowed Hitler to rise to power, first as a fringe group that people thought would just go away.  Then he got smart a learned to use the political system.  Tea Party people have taken a lesson.

All bleeding heart liberals (and I’m proud to be one of them) better get out and vote.  I am proud of my stance because I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can see a child come to school hungry and just not care as long as it’s not theirs.  What happened to empathy, and how do we get it back.  We are only as strong as our weakest link, and if this group thinks it can hide behind walls and private schools, etc. they better think again.  This causes revolution.  Hungry people are desperate people.  Parents that see their children do without can become real Tiger Moms.

Rise up Unions and all people who care about others and don’t mind lending a helping hand.  Help another up one more rung of the ladder so we all move up as a people, as a nation, as a world.

Thank you for the soap box.


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2 thoughts on “If you’ve been getting a government paycheck – look out??

  1. My sentiments exactly. Most people I know who think this Republican team is what our country needs are definitely not of the $200,000 middle class income range and will need those Medicare/Medicade dollars some day, and some well before I will. What I see is that far too many just dislike Pres. Obama and choose to blame everything on him, even though we all know he walked into a giant mess four years ago. I’m worried, and I pray people snap out of it. Another bleeding heart, Jane 🙂

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